Gold Open Access: enter the mouth!

I heard this joke about two of the last dinosaurs, discussing some time after the meteorite crash:

– Carl, I dunno, there are these sneaky rats everywhere, they seem to enjoy this post apocalyptic world of ours. They are good food, but they are so small and they move so fast, totally un-dinosaurish like. But I’m hungry, Carl, I’d love to chew some, now that the big preys seem to be gone. What to do?

Carl says:

– Let’s convince them that it’s totally cool to enter  in our mouth by their own will. That way, we could stay still, with our mouths wide open and they are going to come to us and we are going to wink at them, telling them “that’s right, look, you’re totally dinosaur material, sonny, come on, enter the mouth, that’s the goal, yes, it has always been like this and it will be like this till the end of times”.

And the other dinosaur says:

– That’s a golden idea, Carl, golden!


The dinosaur named Carl appeared first time in  “The Purposeful Life” by Abstruse Goose.

7 thoughts on “Gold Open Access: enter the mouth!”

  1. There’s a giant cost incentive for universities and college all over America to collaboratively sponsor global open access journals.

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