Mass connected processing?

In this  Unlimited Detail technology description  appears the term “mass connected processing”. Looking on the net for this one finds this post,  I cite from it:

“By the looks of what they are saying, the areas and level of real time software performance they are talking about, it is likely to be the same methods that I came up with back around 1997 (when I was also in Brisbane), or not far off of it, as the problem reduces down to single 100% efficient methods. ”

Anybody knows what’s this all about?




One thought on “Mass connected processing?”

  1. Interesting read – esp this part:

    “I got it from correct analysis of the problem space, after somebody showed me a low
    end voxel routine (I had been thinking of 3D pixels and another 3D method
    for them before that, which I also integrated in), not many people can do
    correct analysis of the problem space, otherwise we would have had this
    solution decades ago, we would also have near perfect OS’s, languages and
    hardware. And people don’t understand how much we as people bumble over
    the analysis of the problem space.

    I should go and annoy that other German guy with this soon to be released
    proof, who didn’t want to talk about the possibilities, this sure should
    make his routines look mediocre etc 😉 .”

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