On plagiarism scandals in Romania, an easy test

What the naked emperors from Romanian politics and universities don’t understand is that, today, it is a very easy way to check the credibility of statements: show me a link to your arguments and let me decide. That is all.

It goes totally against (hollow) authority arguments, therefore it takes away power (to do harm), and that pisses a lot of people, worried about the fact that everybody might see their incompetence and stupidity.

Here are some links:

Nature: Romanian prime minister accused of plagiarism
Nature: Romanian panel calls prime minister a plagiarist. But committee is dissolved during the course of its meeting.

Link to pdf with plagiarized content (after searching  1 min on the net)

According to politicians and, amazingly, according to  some “scientists”, there is a political motivation behind the articles from Nature.


Finally, there is a simple test, which I suggest you to apply to any scientist:  don’t believe the titles, prizes and so on. Instead, look after the articles. Does the guy have his/her articles freely available (on the homepage, on arxiv, etc)? If not, then DANGER!