Romania: “stop the surveillance cameras during the referendum”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania issued an order to stop the public surveillance cameras during the referendum concerning the impeachment of Traian Basescu. Here is the link, via and here is a jpeg of the order:

Those who think that the referendum is used to validate a coup d’etat advice the Romanians to not participate, because the referendum is valid only if the majority of population goes to vote.

No, really, don’t laugh, the power just  wants to have  a well organized voting process.

UPDATE: During  the local elections (june 10 2012) there were rumors about the fact that in many places the internet providers cut the internet access, from june 9 until the end of the elections, june 10. The rationale was to limit the spread of informations concerning Nicusor Dan, an independent candidate for Mayor of Bucharest.

Now I can confirm you that now, Saturday june  july 28,  the romanian company practices internet censorship again, under the form of cutting  internet access for (some of?) its clients. They don’t respond to calls, there is no reason announced for this cut. [on Sunday July 29 the internet access was better, as far as I could learn].

UPDATE (Aug 3): Total circus after the Government complaining to the Constitutional Court that the lists with Romanian citizens with the right of vote were inaccurate. Then the Constitutional Court decided to postpone its decision of validation of the referendum until September 12 (today they announced Aug 31 instead of Sept 12), asking the government for clarifications concerning the lists. The romanian prosecutors have already seized the lists and a criminal investigation started.

The conclusion? Be it about the fact that the Ministry of Education does not assume the responsibility for giving (phD) titles to plagiators, or about the fact that universities don’t assume the responsibility for giving graduation or phD diplomas without a real basis, or finally about the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs now contradicts itself and cannot assume the correctness of the lists with citizens with the right to vote, it is clear that something very wrong now comes into the light.

I think is an end of an era where here, in Romania, double talk and double standards, inherited from the supporters of the communist regime (still in charge in many domains), ARE FINALLY STARTING TO DIE.

UPDATE (Aug. 21): Apparently, the referendum was declared invalid by the Constitutional Court, with  6-3 votes.

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