In Romania, now criminal complaints against opposition

According to (in romanian),  a leader of the”National Liberal Party” (PNL), member of the USL coalition which created a great turmoil by its recent behaviour, just announced that USL filled a criminal complaint  against 15 leaders of the opposition for, I cite (translated from Romanian):

“spreading false information, for defamation of the country and nation and for endangering national security,  economy and currency stability”

Among the  persons subject to the complaint are: Traian Basescu (the suspended president of Romania), Emil Boc (ex Prime Minister), Monica Macovei (member of the European Parliament, ex Minister of Justice, credited with implementing justice reforms), Cristian Preda (member of the European Parliament), M.R. Ungureanu (ex Prime Minister, probably future candidate for President), Vasile Blaga (ex Speaker of the Senate), Sever Voinescu.Cezar Preda, Cristian Boureanu, Anca Boagiu, Raluca Turcan, Nicusor Paduraru, Ioan Oltean, Sebastian Lazaroiu, Andreea Paul.

This comes after the release of a “much-anticipated report summing up five years of efforts by the ex communist state to reform its judiciary and fight corruption” see Barroso’ declarations.

For more:

Le Monde: La Commission européenne met sous surveillance renforcée la Roumanie.

abc NEWS: EU Says Romania’s Gov’t Undermines Rule of Law

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