Romania, coup d’etat 2

UPDATE 17.12.2012: Via the post of Sorin Ionita, here is the conclusion of the European Commision for Democracy through Law (Venice Commision) concerning the events from the Romanian summer 2012.


Victor Ponta (aka My name is Paste. Copy Paste, according to The Economist), the Prime Minister of the Romanian Government, declared this morning that he has no intention to change the members  of the Constitutional Court, or to limit their independence in any way..

Two hours later, the Government published in the “Monitorul Oficial” (the publication where laws appear, according to the Romanian constitution) a modification of the attributions of this Court.

Because, you see, some days ago, the Government took under control the “Monitorul Oficial” institution. Before, this institution was under the control of the Parliament, closely monitored by the majority and opposition as well. Any Romanian law or government decision becomes official only after the publication in the “Monitorul Oficial”, and only the form as published there is official.

Now, the USL coalition submitted to the Parliament (controlled now by them) a demand to suspend the President of Romania. The Constitutional Court, which previously had the attribution to validate (or not) such demands, in the case of a majority in Parliament votes for this, now has only a consultative power (i.e. whatever the opinion of the Court is, nobody cares).

Tough days ahead.

PS. A picture from the public protest taking place in Piata Victoriei (where the government building is), Bucharest, taken from

The banner says: “Victoras, when are you calling the miners?”. “Victoras” is a diminutive for Victor, the first name of the Prime Minister. The banner alludes to the 13-14 june 1990 events.

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