Boycott Elsevier poster jpeg

Via this post by John Baez “Research Work act Dead – What Next?”.

Please read Baez post!

Here is the jpeg:


UPDATE:  Tim Gowers, who initiated this movement, has posted now about the fact that the mathematics department at TU Munich cancels its subscriptions to Elsevier journals. Here is quote from the post:

“A natural way that one might hope to bring about a genuine change to the current subscription model where libraries pay through the nose for journals is that (i) we all put our papers on the arXiv and (ii) the libraries conclude, correctly, that the benefits from their very expensive subscriptions do not justify the costs.”

In the comments, Andreas Caranti  points to “the following Memorandum on Journal Pricing by the Harvard Faculty Advisory Council to the Library: ”

The memorandum proposes to faculty members to, roughly: make sure that all  papers are accessible, try to submit to open-access journals, “if on the editorial board of a journal involved, determine if it can be published as open access material, or independently from publishers that practice pricing described above. If not, consider resigning“, and so on. They are NOT targeting Elsevier, instead they write:  “many large journal publishers have made the scholarly communication environment fiscally unsustainable and academically restrictive”.

Well, even officially it begins to be obvious that the emperor is naked.






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