This week-end post is light, dedicated to painting. However, for me painting is a serious matter, not at all a hobby. When I was very young, I struggled to decide what to do when I shall be a grown-up: physics or math? Painting came to me out of the blue (as most of good things in my life) when I was 10. Later I entertained the idea to become a painter instead of a mathematician, but I have been told that I shall live a life of poverty, most likely. I was impressed by this argument and became a researcher, so now I am very rich indeed.

Some day I shall be a painter. As doing this requires 24 hours in a day, is for later.

Here are some unworthy experiments with Photoshop, done during my stay in Lausanne. The point is that one can produce anything starting from a random picture taken from the net and deforming (patches of) it by applying available algorithms in the mentioned program. In a way, there is not one line drawn, but only a whirl of local transformations of the original photo.

For example, one of the first drawing with photoshop was this (a part of it is put as the front image of the blog): it is a snail shell

but it means a lot of words, especially regarding to the status of space.

This drawing is a deformed picture of a dancer (so much deformed that at large scale the picture looks like it is no longer a topological transformation of an image of a simply connected dancer)

This one is originally a photo of two cats:

Finally, here you may recognize a photo from Venice, with boats floating, beyond of their stability points , in the sky.

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