Read arXiv every day? Yes!

This post from the Secret Blogging Seminar led me to this (now closed) question by Igor Pak at the Mathoverflow

Downsides of using the arxiv?

When my blood pressure went back to normal after reading the “downsides”, I spent some time informing myself about the answers given to this question, others than the very pertinent ones, in my opinion, from the Mathoverflow page. I think the best page to browse is the discussion from the .

I have to say that really, yes!, I read arXiv every day, because it gives access to a lot of mathematical informations, which I filter according to my mathematical “nose” and not on an authority basis. One has to read papers in order to have an informed opinion.

The beautiful discussion page from is an excellent example of the superiority of the new ways as compared with the older ones.

UPDATE(22.07.2011): The AMS Notices (August 2011) paper The changing Nature of Mathematical Publication is relevant for the subject of the post from the Secret Blogging Seminar. It appears to me that more or less the same strange problems concerning the arxiv are put forward in the article. Particularly this passage

If we ultimately publish our paper in a traditional journal, then how will that journal view our paper being first put on arXiv? If someone plagiarizes your work from arXiv, then what protections do you have?

seems to me to imply that there is less protection against plagiarism from arxiv than against plagiarism from traditionally published work. My take is that a paper on arxiv is more protected against plagiarism than a traditionally published paper, especially if you are not part of a politically strong team or country, because it is straightforward to prove the plagiarism (anyway easier than by relying on the publishing business and the peer review process). Besides, the “rhetorical question” seems to imply that it is not clear if there are any specific protections, like copyright, when in fact there are easy to find and clearly stated!

To finish, the purpose of the article is to announce a new publication column, “Scripta Manent”. The peer review process for this paper failed to notice that the title of this new publication column is spelled “Scripta Manet” twice!


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